Friday, June 11, 2021

Renew Your Lexicomp Mobile Access Before June 28


Access to your current code will expire on June 28th, 2021. Your institution’s new code is posted and available via the blue [Mobile Access Codes] button on the lower right of the Lexicomp homepage screen. Please update your device at your earliest convenience.

Lexicomp is the clinical drug information database used across Ascension.  

Log into Lexicomp from a work computer, or via remote access / VPN.  

Key Point: You need to be behind our firewall so that you mobile access is registered with our Ascension license for Lexicomp.  The mobile app is only available to institutions with active subscriptions--like us.  

This is a snapshot of the Lexicomp home landing page.  
         > Note the blue Mobile Access Codes button in the lower left corner, circled in red.

Once you click on the Mobile Access Codes button, and answer a few questions about your particular mobile platform, it will show you the new code, along with further instructions to get set up or renewed.

If you don't already have mobile access for Lexicomp, this would be a great time to try it out!  

Questions or comments, contact your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians:

                                    Michele Matucheski   and   Kellee Selden

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