Monday, June 28, 2021

FREE Online Medical Terminology Class from Des Moines University

A fast, easy and fun way to learn medical words and meanings.


Who is this course for?
Those interested in learning how to better understand common medical words and meanings but do not need a certificate of completion.

What do you get?
Access to all 15 modules at no cost.

What you don’t get?
Progress through the course is not tracked. We are unable to confirm you’ve
completed the course and a certificate of completion is not available.

Start the FREE Online Medical Terminology Course


Who is this course for?

  • Pre-requisite for college or academic program.*
  • Condition of employment.
  • Other opportunities where documentation of medical terminology knowledge is required.

*Please note: The course is not eligible for academic credit or a grade from Des Moines University. An academic transcript is not available from the registrar's office. DMU does not guarantee acceptance of the course. It’s the user's responsibility to confirm the course qualifies.

What do you get?

  • Certificate of attendance for 2.0 contact hours which can be used as documentation of your knowledge regarding medical terminology.
  • Audio pronunciation of medical terms.
  • Post-module assessments and 30 question final quiz which confirms you’ve mastered the medical terms.

Register to Receive a Certificate ($99)

Este curso también se ofrece en Español

If you have questions about the certificate of participation, please see our frequently asked questions.

Este curso también se ofrece en Español

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