Thursday, June 10, 2021

Drug Interaction Checking Tools via DynaMed and Lexicomp

Question: Can you point me to a tool to check drug interactions?

Answer:  Yes, 2 drug interaction checking tools are available to Ascension associates through A) DynaMed and B) Lexicomp, respectively.  

A)  DynaMed has a Drug Interaction Checker built into it.  

  • You'll see it in the top navigation bar between Drugs A-Z and Calculators. [See illustration above.]
  • It allows you to list multiple drugs together to look for interactions between them.    
  • Add more drugs by clicking on the "+ Add Drug"  below the boxes where you would type the drug names.

To learn more about the drug info in DynaMed, check out this video:

DynaMed Quick Consult - Medications: Drug Interactions, Monographs, & More [12-min. video]

  • Covers DynaMed's drug info, including drug monographs and management.
  • Drug Interactions Checker (begins at 10:40 min.)

See also:   DynaMed Search Tips

 B) The Lexicomp Clinical Drug Reference also includes a drug interaction checking tool.  

  • You'll see it in the top navigation bar, directly under the search box.   [See illustration above.]
  • It also allows you to list multiple medications by clicking the ADD button.
  • Click on Analyze to check for interactions.

    Includes info on getting the mobile app and training options.  

Questions or comments, contact your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians:

                                    Michele Matucheski   and   Kellee Selden

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