Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Learn More about PubMed's New Features in this short video


The National Library of Medicine’s PubMed is the most heavily used biomedical literature citation database in the world. PubMed provides free access to more than 30 million citations and is searched by more than 2.5 million users daily. It is a critical resource for helping researchers, health care professionals, students, and the public share information and learn more about the latest developments in life sciences.

Earlier this year, NLM launched an updated version of PubMed with an enhanced design that provides advanced technology to improve the user experience on mobile as well as desktop devices. This modern interface includes updated web elements for easier navigation and enhanced search results, including previews with highlighted text snippets that can help you scan your results.

Instead of telling you more about these new features and how they work, I invite you to check out a few of them in this video. [It's only 2 min 40 sec]

New Features:

  • Getting to Fulltext
  • Citation Feature
  • Expanded Automatic Term Mapping

[Borrowed from a guest post by Bart Trawick on The Musings from the Mezzanine Blog.  The full post includes the complete transcript of the video.]

Don't forget that if you use the PubMed links on the AW Library web pages, you'll tap into our full-text offerings.

PubMed Search Tips & Tutorials

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