Friday, September 4, 2020

Copyright Awareness Part 1: The Basics

The AW Librarians have unofficially designated September to be Copyright Awareness Month!   

Sharing journal articles, videos, forms, tools and other resources found on the internet helps us be more efficient in our work but sharing also means we have a responsibility to respect copyright law.  Watch for our weekly posts this month!

Let’s start with the Basics:
  • Once anything is written or recorded, it is automatically copyrighted.  No copyright symbol is required.  
  • Most forms, tools or other resources found on the internet or in books or journals require permission to use or modify.
  •  Scroll to the bottom of a web page and click on “Terms of Use” to get more information on permissions.
  • Become familiar with the Ascension Wisconsin Policy on Copyright Compliance
  • Watch the animated video clip Copyright Basics (6 minutes).  It is an excellent (and entertaining) overview of copyright. 

Want to learn more now?  Visit the Copyright LibGuide.

Remember, your Librarians, Michele Matucheski or Kellee Selden are available to help you with copyright questions as well as other reference needs.  

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