Monday, September 14, 2020

Copyright Awareness Part 4: The Copyright LibGuide is Back!


Pop Quiz!*

1.     True or False: Once a work is printed, recorded or otherwise fixed; it is automatically protected by copyright. No copyright symbol is required.
2.     True or False: You can freely share documents found on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.
3.     True or False: The “Fair Use Checklist” is a tool to help you determine use of a particular work.
4.     True or False: You need to assess permission before using material found on the internet, in journal articles, or books.

[Scroll down for the answers.]

You can find the answers to these and other copyright questions on the AW Copyright LibGuide. This Guide pulls together related content about copyright in one location for easy reference. This can be found on the Ascension Wisconsin Library Services home page under the Libguides/Research Guides tab.

The Copyright LibGuide covers the following topics:
  • Copyright Basics
  • AW Copyright Compliance Policy
  • Copyright Requests & Permissions
  • The Copyright Decision Tree
  • Fair Use - Public Domain - Creative Commons
  • Free Images & Videos
  • Additional Sources
  • Giving Credit with Proper Citation / Attribution
  • Plagiarism

Copyright is not black and white. The rules are not exact but we do need to be aware of how copyright impacts the work we do.
When in doubt, always ask for permission and remember, your Librarians, Michele Matucheski and Kellee Selden are available to help you with copyright questions as well as other reference and research needs.  
*All answers are true

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