Monday, April 24, 2023

AW Library Newsletter - April 2023; Hot Topics - Featuring Clinical Key - Nurses Choice - AccessMedicine - Joint Commission Resources



Ascension Wisconsin Librarians support your health care decisions with evidence-based research and full text resources.  

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Hot Topics:

Dr AI Lied to Me: AI platform has great potential for use in medicine, but huge pitfalls, says Jeremy Faust, MD

For Physicians & Providers:

AccessMedicine is Available Statewide for Ascension Wisconsin

Focus on Clinical Key:

Clinical Key is available statewide for Ascension Wisconsin

Clinical Key Overviews

Clinical Key Mobile App

Clinical Key Offers Free CME

Clinical Calculators in Clinical Key

Procedure Videos in Clinical Key: "YouTube for Medicine"

Patient Education in Other Languages via Clinical Key

For Nurses:

Nurses Choice Recommended Reading - April 2023

This message was NOT brought to you by Chat GPT :)

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 Michele Matucheski   &   Kellee Selden

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