Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Get the Articles from Ascension's Recognize & Rescue Tool Kit

Are you working to implement Ascension's Recognize and Rescue Tool Kit in Wisconsin?  Or just curious about it?

Want access to the referenced articles?  

Because so many people may be wanting these articles, we've created context-specific collections (via PubMed) of the articles according to the chapters and topics.  This is the best way to share the content and make it accessible while maintaining copyright.


  • These are public collections of the Recognize and Rescue citations, minus a few things that are not available through PubMed  (ie book chapters, drug inserts, etc.)
  • These lists will mark any articles that are open access or otherwise freely available and link to the fulltext through PubMed Central or otherwise.  About half the articles fall in this category.
  • If Ascension Wisconsin has a subscription or a license for other articles listed, you may be able to click through and get to fulltext through the publisher links.  Make sure you are using a work computer or local VPN.
  • It's not a perfect solution, though.  It doesn't make it 1-click easy to order articles directly from AW Library Services if fulltext is not readily available.  
    • Ascension Wisconsin Associates can email me directly or use our Request Forms if they can't get full-text through the PubMed links above.  

Kellee and I are excited to be able to help with this colossal effort to improve patient care and patient safety.  Let us know how else we can assist you!

Questions or comments, or can't get to fulltext,

contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians

 Michele Matucheski        Kellee Selden

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