Friday, July 3, 2020

Q&A: How do I cite and reference content from the NRC Plus in APA style?

Question: How do I cite and reference content from the Nursing Reference Center in APA style?


NRC Plus offers an EbscoConnect Help page / tutorial to answer this question:  

Nursing Reference Center Plus - Citing References in APA Format (Ebsco Tutorial)

Start by going in to Nursing Reference Center Plus (NRC Plus).  
Then follow the steps in the tutorial at the top of the page.
        >  Note:  It is important to examine each part of the pre-generated reference to make sure it is formatted correctly, and not missing important elements just as a doi or permalink.

  • Shows examples of properly formatted APA citations for the most common material types (journal article, book chapter, etc.)  Citing Sources - 

Nursing Reference Center Plus Search Tips page

·         Helpful handouts, videos and tutorials for NRC Plus

·         Includes info about access NRC at home and via mobile devices

Citing Sources includes info about the anatomy of a citation, and other citation tools (Not limited to APA format).    

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