Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nurse's Choice - Recommended Reading : November 2016

November, 2016

Leadership, defined: What's your style, and how's it actually perceived?
Nursing Management, October 2016

Caring for hospitalized patients with celiac disease
Nursing, November 2016

For Advanced Cancer, What Treatment Is Next?
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, October 2016

How to take a sexual health history
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, November/December 2016

Herbal supplements for health promotion and disease prevention
The Nurse Practitioner, October 20 2016

Acute kidney injury: Limiting the damage
Nursing Critical Care, September 2016

Model for a Healthy Work Environment
Journal of Christian Nursing, October/December 2016 

Aromatherapy for Postoperative Nausea in Acute Care-Evidence and Future Opportunities
Clinical Nurse Specialist, November/December 2016

What Nurses Do During Time Scarcity—and Why
JONA: Journal of Nursing Administration, September 2016

The protective role of self-efficacy against workplace incivility and burnout in nursing: A time-lagged study
Health Care Management Review, Publish ahead of print

* List and links courtesy of Anne Chaney at Wolters-Kluwer/Ovid.

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