Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Q: Where do I find AW Library Resources in EPIC?

Question: Where do I find AW Library Resources in EPIC?

Answer:   Here are at least 3 places you can find AW Library resources in EPIC.

1) In EPIC > Patient's Chart >  right side bar in Training Tools

2) The other place to find AW Library Resources is on the Inpatient & OB Learning Home screen ... 

Look for the Web References box (highlighted in yellow below)

The Web References box within EPIC offers live links for:


Some people may see Ascension Library Services in EPIC's top red menu bar, although this does not seem to show for everyone.  

If the AW Library links in your view of EPIC need updating, please contact your Librarian, Michele Matucheski.  We'll need to work together to pull some screenshots to share with Clinical Informatics to get them updated.  

* Questions or comments?  Contact your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians

 Michele Matucheski        Kellee Selden

Ascension Wisconsin Library Services

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