Thursday, July 29, 2021

How do I Print a Short Overview Summary of a longer Dynamed Document?


Question: How do I print just the summary / overview section of a longer document from DynaMed?  


Figure 1: Use the print icon at the top of the page (Circled in red).

This will open a dialogue box asking you want sections you want to print:

Figure 2: Print Sections Dialogue Box

If you only want the Overview and Recommendations section, click that box (See snapshot Figure 2 above.) to print a short summary.

Figure 3: Print Preview displays number of pages to be printed.

  • In this example, choosing the Overview and Recommendations section only results in printing a 2-page document.

If you want to print the entire document, choose "Select All"  in Figure 2.

  • Be aware that selecting All Sections by default may result in printing more pages than you anticipated, since the Dynamed articles are comprehensive.    
  • In this example, selecting all sections to print results in 83 printed pages. [Yikes!]
If you need more than the Overview and Recommendations summary section, feel free to choose just the section you need rather than the entire document.

Helpful Links:

  • The User Guide will lead you through signing up for a personal account.  

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  • Includes info on signing up for a personal account.  

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