Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Follow up to Nursing Reference Center Plus Site Visits in Greater Wisconsin

Dear Nursing Leaders, Champions / Super Users,

Thank you for your enthusiasm and help in rolling out NRC Plus around Wisconsin. 
Here’s a follow-up to the Nursing Reference Center Plus demos and site visits that happened in February.  If we missed your site due to a winter storm, my apologies.  Mother Nature wins, but you can still use NRC Plus!   Please help us spread the word.

Please share with your Nurses on all shifts around Wisconsin. 

What is Nursing Reference Center Plus?
Nursing Reference Center Plus is an evidence-based point-of-care tool for nurses, that includes:
·                     Nursing Skills & Procedures (with Competencies)
·                     Diseases & Conditions
·                     Evidence-Based Care Sheets
·                     Drug Info with Nursing Implications
·                     Management Topics
·                     Patient Education Handouts to supplement what is already in the EHRs
·                     Easy Journal Search
·                     Continuing Education
·                     Videos & Images

Where to find it (Accessing NRC Plus):

  • Look for the desktop icon on ALL Ascension Wisconsin computers.  Note : This is on the computer desktop, not the intranet. 

  • Helpful handouts, videos and tutorials for NRC Plus
  • Includes info about access NRC at home and via mobile devices

The short 3-minute video is on the landing page for NRC – Plus under the Take a Tour link in the middle of the page. [Requires Flash].

  • This is what we told / showed nurses during the site visits. 
  • Short, sweet and practical!
NRC Plus Takeaway Guide (1-page handout)

For NRC Plus Champions / Super Users and anyone else interested in a longer, more informative session about Nursing Reference Center Plus
Play recording       (37 minutes)
  • You may need to add a browser extension to view it in Chrome.   
  • If you’re still having problems running the recorded WebEx, some of you may see a Java link at the bottom of the page.
  • If it doesn’t work in Chrome, try IE.
  • If your still having problems, call the IT Help Desk. 

Questions or comments, contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians : 

                     Michele Matucheski        Kellee Selden

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