Friday, April 13, 2018

Fast Answers with the Clinical Key Mobile App

Here's what you need to do :
1)    Set up a Clinical Key Personal Account on an Ascension Wisconsin work computer.   [See this tutorial with screenshots.]  If you already have a CK personal account, skip down to Step 2 below. 
A)   Go to Clinical and click Register in the top right corner.
B)   Using your Ascension email address, fill in the required information on the registration page. 
C)   Click Register when finished.  Clinical Key will display an activation message and sends a confirmation email.
D)   In the confirmation email, click on the link to officially start your remote access.
Ø  This will grant 180 days of remote access. Prior to the end of the 180 days, log into your Clinical Key personal account while on your institutions IP. This will extend access another 180 days.  If your remote access expires, follow the above steps to re-activate your access. 
2)    Activate Remote Access [See Tutorial in #1 above.  
3)   Get the Clinical Key Mobile App : 
·         Open the App Store on your mobile device.
·         Search for "ClinicalKey" and install at no charge.
·         Once in the app, two options will appear: ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing. [Please note: Ascension Wisconsin does NOT subscribe to ClincialKey for Nursing.]
·         Select ClinicalKey.  Enter your ClinicalKey personal account username and password used for remote access and start using the app!

Note: An internet connection is required to use the ClinicalKey Mobile App.
For additional articles and tutorials, visit our ClinicalKey Search Tips & Tutorials Page.

How to set up a Clinical Key Personal Account with Remote Access (pdf) Detailed instructions / tutorial with screenshots. 

 Questions or Comments?   Contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians:

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